Lipitor Buy

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Lipitor Buy

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\^ y a new chemical entity to satiaie... not stimulate 3134 COMPETITI\E PROBLEMS IN THE DRUG INDUSTRY presenting one of the most sophisl-icaied comparative animal studies ever conducted with an appeiiie suppressant demonstrates^'^ direct action on the satiety center' 'ZU SATIATED CAT ElECTSICAl STlWUlAieO EATS si,/ 9 SATIATED PRESATE HEATED far greater duration of anorexia than amphetamine " AFTER 2 HOURS STARVED AAAPHtT. AMINEIREAIED CAT DOES NOT EAT / AFTER 8 HOURS Lipitor Buy PRE SATE- TREATED CAT STILl DOES NOT EAT (up lift 48 hour*) no CNS stimulation' .v-^ / STABILITY AND NO UNUSUAL MOTOR ACTIVITY IN PRESAIEIREAIEO CAT Two oppelile centers hove been idenlifiecJ in the hypolholomus. The loterol nucleus isossocioted with feeding response, the ventromediol nucleus with satiety. Pre-Sote (chlorphentermine HCI) produced electrical brain- wave patterns of satiety in cats, starved for 48 hours, Lipitor Buy similar to electrical patterns in nonstorved cots. COMPETITIVE PROBLEMS IX THE DRUG INDUSTRY 3135 chlorphenterriiwn
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